Muscle Building Diets – The Secret of Dieting

The process of fast muscle growth often requires a consumption of more and more calories. The fact is that new muscles must be maintained before further growth of muscles take place. If one increase his food intake and gain some muscle, then he must increase his calorie intake so that the growth of old muscles get sustained and the development of new muscle take place.

As you work out more and more and gain your strength, then your appetite will automatically increase and you will feel the need for more and more food. If you give stress on the fact of calorie intake, then you should find this fact to be interesting. Many body builders and gym trainers suggest that the way to consume extra calorie is very simple. You should chose among foods which are rich in calorie and are of high nutrition content such as egg, pasta, oats etc. What you need to do is that you have to add these food item to your daily meals so as to ensure that no nutrition deficiency take place. It is preferable if add an additional food item to your diet each week and gradually increase your level of food intake.

For example eating a tuna sandwich which is a high calorie food item each day can provide 250 extra calories. Adding an extra food item to your diet each week will facilitate you to build your muscles faster.

Another important suggestion in this context is that never eat a large chunk of whatever you get to eat. It is suggested that one should consume small amount of food but frequently enough so that the body continuously get a steady supply of the much needed protein and nutrients. Our body can only use what it requires at any particular moment of time. So, if too much protein or calories are consumed in one single meal, then the excess calorie is converted to fat. You will find it much easier to break your daily diet in 5 to 6 meals rather than filling your stomach by at a time by force by taking 2 to 3 meals.

If you think that you have to intake 2400 calories per day to start your diet for building your muscles, then just break the whole process down into 6 meals of 400 calories spread evenly through Dianabol Steroids out the day. This process is much easier as when you want to increase your daily calorie intake to 2600, then you can simply have another 200 calories distributed in two meals of 100 calorie each or just add another food item of 200 calories. Now it is totally up to you as to how you are going to improve your calorie intake but whatever you do, always remember to eat frequently with a gap of 2 to 3 hours.

Another issue for building your body muscle is the overall proportion of each macronutrient in your diet. Carbohydrates should constitute of a major portion in this diet. They give the energy for rigorous and hardcore workouts and they also restrict the spare protein in your body from being broken down for energy.

Protein in your daily diet should fill 25 – 35% of total calories you intake. A high protein diet is not always necessary, as the energy that the body needs always come from the carbohydrates which help in providing the energy that is important for steady muscle growth.

Most people who are keen at building a muscular physic divide their meal into 2/3 of carbohydrate food items and 1/3 of high quality protein food. Remember, it is the quality of protein that is important and not the quantity.